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10 Best Timbers for Wall Panelling

When it comes to elevating the aesthetics of any space, the choice of material plays a pivotal role. Wood panelling, with its timeless appeal and natural warmth, is a popular choice among designers and homeowners alike.

But with an array of timber options available, selecting the best one for your project can be a daunting task. Today, we delve into the world of wood panelling to uncover the best timber species, finishes, and profiles for your next project. 

American Oak 

American White Oak Wall Blades Used for Timber Walls at Corruption & Crime

American Oak is esteemed for its timeless elegance, characterised by a light almost golden hue and a pronounced grain pattern. This hardwood timber is not only aesthetically pleasing but also boasts exceptional strength and durability. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of interior applications, from traditional to contemporary design. 

In interior wall panelling, American Oak adds warmth and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space. Its ability to take stains and finishes well allows for customization in design, making it adaptable to a wide range of interior themes. Additionally, its resistance to wear and tear makes it an excellent choice for areas subject to high foot traffic.


blackbutt timber in a beautiful living room

Blackbutt timber, with its attractive grain patterns and natural colour spectrum ranging from cream to pale brown, offers a unique aesthetic that is both warm and inviting. Known for its remarkable resilience and stability, Blackbutt stands up well against environmental fluctuations, making it ideal for wall cladding.

This timber adds character and warmth to spaces, and its hardness ensures longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. Blackbutt’s versatility in styling makes it suitable for both modern and rustic interiors. Moreover, its natural resistance to fire and pests enhances its suitability for use in various residential and commercial settings.

Burnt Ash

Burnt Ash_My Build_Lachlan

Burnt Ash is a distinctive timber, offering a dramatic visual statement with its deeply charred surface that brings out a unique texture and darkened colour. This charring process not only creates a bold aesthetic but also enhances the wood’s natural durability and resistance to pests.

Burnt Ash is ideal for creating a focal point in interior design, particularly in modern or industrial-themed spaces. The visual contrast it provides adds depth and character to wall panelling, making it a popular choice for designers seeking to create a statement. Additionally, the protective layer formed by the charring process makes it more resistant to environmental factors, ensuring its longevity in interior applications.


Kitchen_Timber Wall and Timber Ceiling_Ironbark

Ironbark, celebrated for its unparalleled hardness and density, is a robust timber that promises longevity and reliability. With its rich colour range from pale yellow to deep dark red and a tight grain structure, Ironbark adds a stunning aesthetic to interior spaces.

This timber’s durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, and its natural resistance to decay ensures it withstands the test of time. Moreover, the smooth finish that can be achieved with Ironbark lends a touch of sophistication and elegance to any interior design.


Freshwater_Jarrah Timber

Jarrah, known for its vibrant deep reds and browns, is a timber that radiates warmth and luxury. Its natural resistance to decay and rot makes it a durable choice for interior wall panelling. Jarrah’s rich hues create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere, making it particularly suitable for high-end residential and corporate environments.

The timber’s density and strength ensure it is long-lasting, even in high-use areas. Additionally, Jarrah’s unique colouring can be further enhanced through finishing, making it a versatile option for designers looking to add a touch of elegance to their projects. 


malvec exterior timber wall

Malvec timber is prized for its stability and elegant appearance, characterised by a smooth grain and attractive reddish-brown hue. It is known for its robustness and resistance to decay, making it an excellent choice for wall panelling in both residential and commercial settings.

Malvec’s appealing colour and texture add warmth and sophistication to interiors, complementing various design styles. Its durability ensures that it maintains its appearance over time, even in areas subject to wear and tear. Moreover, Malvec’s natural qualities make it a suitable option for environmentally-conscious projects.

Pacific Teak

Pacific Teak Timber_ stylish interior

Pacific Teak is renowned for its beautiful golden-brown appearance, offering both aesthetic appeal and durability. Its tight grain structure and high oil content enhance its natural resilience, making it a preferred choice for interior wall panelling.

This timber adds a classic and luxurious feel to spaces, suitable for both traditional and modern designs. Its resistance to moisture and decay makes it a long-lasting option for interiors. Additionally, Pacific Teak’s ability to withstand environmental factors without significant wear makes it a practical and stylish choice for various applications.

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum timber_Elsegood Hallway

Spotted Gum, a native Australian hardwood, stands out as a top contender for wood panelling because of its striking appearance and remarkable durability. Its unique feature lies in its varied colour palette, ranging from rich browns to soft creams, adorned with intricate grain patterns that bring a natural, dynamic texture to any space. 

Beyond its visual allure, Spotted Gum is highly valued for its strength and resistance to wear, making it ideal for both residential and commercial environments. This timber adapts well to various finishes, which enhance its natural hues and ensure that each panelling installation is not only visually captivating but also long-lasting and resilient against the elements.

Tasmanian Oak 

Tasmanian oak timber in Corpusc Theatre

Tasmanian Oak is valued for its versatility and resilience, featuring a light colour and straight grain that lend a contemporary feel to interiors. It is known for its good workability, allowing for precision in detailed panelling designs.

Tasmanian Oak’s light hue creates a bright and airy atmosphere, making it ideal for modern, minimalist designs. Its stability and durability ensure it remains a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, its ability to be stained or finished in various ways allows for flexibility in design. 


Vacao Timber at Vogue Bodrum

Vacoa timber, characterised by its unique greyish-brown tint and fine interlocked grain, offers exceptional durability and resistance to termites and decay. It stands as a reliable option for wall cladding, providing both aesthetic appeal and longevity. The timber’s distinct appearance adds a unique touch to interior spaces, suitable for contemporary and traditional designs.

Moreover, Vacoa’s resilient qualities make it a valuable addition to design projects that require materials capable of withstanding various environmental conditions while maintaining their aesthetic integrity.

Selecting the best timber finish 

Cutek Extreme CD50  


Cutek Extreme CD50 is a high-performance wood oil that is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection for timber wall panels. This oil deeply penetrates the wood, stabilising the timber and minimising warping, cupping, and splitting.

It’s particularly effective in preserving the natural look of the wood while enhancing its resilience against environmental elements such as moisture, UV rays, and fungal decay. 

Cutek Extreme CD50 is available in a range of colour tones, allowing for customization to suit different aesthetic preferences. It’s ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, offering a versatile solution for maintaining the beauty and integrity of wood panels.

WOCA Exterior Oil  


WOCA Exterior Oil is designed to strengthen and protect exterior wood surfaces, including wall panels, from the harsh elements. This oil enhances the natural grain and texture of the wood while providing a durable, water-resistant finish. It’s known for its ability to preserve the colour and appearance of the timber, preventing greying and deterioration due to sun exposure. 

WOCA Exterior Oil is also environmentally friendly, based on natural oils and is easy to apply and maintain. It’s suitable for a variety of timber types and is a popular choice for those looking to maintain the natural beauty of their wood panels while ensuring longevity and resistance to outdoor conditions.

Fireshield Intumescent


Fireshield Intumescent is a specialised finish designed to provide enhanced fire protection to timber wall panels. This finish forms a protective char layer when exposed to high temperatures, significantly slowing down the spread of fire and the release of heat and smoke.

It’s particularly recommended for use in commercial and public buildings where fire safety is a paramount concern. Fireshield Intumescent not only increases the safety of timber wall panels but does so without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the wood. This makes it a valuable finish for projects where both safety and design are key considerations.

Enviro Clear


Enviro Clear is a clear, environmentally friendly finish that offers robust protection for timber wall panels. It’s designed to shield the wood from wear, stains, and damage while maintaining its natural appearance.

This finish is notable for its low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, making it a healthier choice for indoor environments. Enviro Clear provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface, making it ideal for high-use areas. It’s resistant to both water and UV rays, ensuring the wood retains its colour and texture over time.

Enviro Clear is an excellent choice for those seeking a protective finish that preserves the wood’s natural beauty while being mindful of environmental and health considerations.

Choosing the right timber profile 


proplank blackbutt timber battens for interior

The Proplank batten system from Mortlock Timber is an expertly designed solution for both walls and ceilings. Known for its efficiency and versatility, this system significantly reduces installation time and costs by using steel clips and nylon spacer brackets for easy and reliable placement of timber battens. 

Compatible with a broad range of hardwood timber species, Proplank allows for great flexibility in design, offering various sizes, shapes, and spacing configurations to create unique textures. Additionally, it enhances the acoustics of any space, integrating acoustic backing panels that negate the need for plastering and painting the underlying surface. 


trendplank_elsegood stairs

Trendplank features a concealed fixing system, ensuring a seamless finish with a range of corner trims and end stops. This design allows for natural timber movement, adapting to environmental changes without compromising stability or aesthetics​.

Engineered for maximum performance, Trendplank is designed for efficient installation, offering durability and minimal waste through its innovative end-matching system. Moreover, Trenplank is also available in a variety of timber species, adapting to any architectural style or space. 


Vic Ash Interior living room

Satinplank, exclusively designed for interior applications, is a versatile and customizable timber lining system perfect for both walls and ceilings. It offers fast and easy installation through two fixing methods: Secret Fix, securing boards through the tongue, and Face Fix, affixing boards directly through their face.

Pre-finished and ready for installation, Satinplank simplifies the setup process and is available in various timber species, each offering unique colour hues and grain structures.

Find your wood panelling at Mortlock Timber 

At Mortlock Timber, we understand the transformative power of wood panelling in creating elegant, timeless spaces. Our diverse range of high-quality timber species, profiles, and finishes are designed to cater to your unique design needs, ensuring that every project stands out with its distinctive character and style.Whether you’re an architect, designer, or homeowner, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Contact Mortlock Timber today to discuss your wood panelling requirements and let us help bring your vision to life with the natural beauty and enduring charm of timber.

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