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With its classic and timeless profile, Classicplank brings quality and elegance
to any project with a smooth finish and a flexible size profile.
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Classicplank Timber Decking

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When you choose Classicplank Timber Decking, you choose the finest quality in timber decking. From the raw product through all phases of production to the finished product, we have insisted on quality so that you can deliver your clients the best. Backed by extensive experience with timber and strict quality control systems, our team is committed to supplying you with a high standard product that is on time, every time.


Large Classicplank Timber Decking


Classicplank timber decking is a high performing, elegant and classic timber profile which can be used for both commercial and residential projects. All of our timber decking products are sourced from sustainably managed forests that comply with the national and federal laws of the country of origin. So for a decking solution that is kinder to the earth without compromising on quality or aesthetic integrity, you can’t look past Classicplank.

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Product benefits

Quality Look

Graded to natural select for aesthetics


Supplied ready for installation

Straight Boards

Straight timber for easy installation


Available in a range of timber options


Thanks to its timeless appearance and durable design, Classicplank is suited to almost any decking application. From heritage buildings and luxury homes to modern commercial architecture and high traffic boardwalks: Classicplank will shine in any setting.

For high traffic areas and commercial applications, we recommend you consider using 30mm or 40mm Classicplank options where available. Additionally, Spotted Gum and Jarrah species will provide excellent durability and performance for these types of applications

Residential Decks
Commercial Decks

Timber species

Select timber species below to see their corresponding finishes
Blackbutt Clear Oiled More Info
Burnt Ash Clear Oil More Info
Burnt Ash
ironbark Clear Oiled More Info
jarrah Cleared Oil More Info
pacific teak clear oiled More Info
Pacific Teak
Spotted Gum Clear oiled More Info
Spotted Gum

Profile & Sizes

Block Profile
  • 85mm x 20mm
  • 85mm x 30mm
  • 130mm x 20mm
  • 130mm x 30mm
  • 175mm x 30mm


Classicplank is designed to be installed on either timber or steel joists that are structurally sound as per the AS1720 and compliant with the National Construction Code. A spacer should be used to maintain a consistent gap between the decking boards and adjacent walls.

Each board should be fixed to a joist with two screws per board per joist, and four screws should be used at butt joints. End joints should be slightly undercut to ensure a tight fit and boards should be pre-cut and laid out before screwing in order to minimise waste.

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Useful Info


Warranty Information Sheet

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Fire Information Sheet

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Maintenance Information Sheet

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What are the m2 rates for all the options?

Please download our Product & Pricing Guide which lists m2 rates for all the options.

What is the difference between Classicplank and Marineplank

Classicplank has a flat surface, Marineplank has a slightly curved surface. The slight curve on Marineplank Decking provides better water run-off which means its much more durable. Marineplank is recommended for any decking exposed to weather.

Does Mortlock Timber provide an installation service?

No Mortlock Timber does not provide an installation service. As the manufacturer of timber products Mortlock Timber focuses on producing high quality products and leaves the installation to expert installers. Mortlock Timber works with the installer, provides installation advice and details to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Classicplank Timber Decking can be installed by a qualified carpenter, landscaper or decking contractor.

classicplank pricing

Need more information about Classicplank timber decking? Download our product pricing guide by filling out the form below. The guide will walk you through different options including the ideal species of hardwood timber, classic finishes and installation tips. You will also find helpful illustrations, photos and tables to assist with budgeting. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with the Mortlock Team directly and we will happily assist.


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