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Shou Sugi Ban

Charred with fire Timber Cladding. Striking and sleek with its carbon black finish and textural beauty.
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Shou Sugi Ban: Charred Timber Cladding

Charred timber cladding brings an elegant, timeless aesthetic to any project. Also known as Yakisugi or Japanese burnt timber cladding, Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese method of charring timber with fire. The process results in a black carbon layer on the timber boards which protects the material and reduces its maintenance requirements. Shou Sugi Ban is machined to the same profile as our Trendplank T&G Timber Cladding and will fit all Trendplank Corner Trims and End Stops.

Our charred timber cladding is manufactured in house at our WA facilities, allowing us to have precise control over the quality and consistency of the final product. We have spent years perfecting the Shou Sugi Ban process to ensure we provide the highest standard finish every time.

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Product benefits

Complete System

Full range proprietary end stops and corner trims

Concealed Fixing

All components are designed to maintain concealed fixing

Handcrafted Finish

Even and completely charred surface for long lasting finish

Low Maintenance

Charcoal surface protects timber

Shou Sugi Ban Overview

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Our Shou Sugi Ban products are made with the Trendplank timber cladding profile, a highly versatile concealed fixed cladding which can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Shou Sugi Ban has been used by leading architects and builders to line walls and ceilings in residential and commercial projects across Australia.

Exterior Walls
Interior Walls

Timber species

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Spotted Gum

Profile & Sizes

  • 120mm x 19mm
  • 70mm x 19mm
  • 70mm x 30mm
  • 70mm x 40mm
  • 40mm x 30mm
  • 40mm x 40mm


Our Burnt Timber Cladding can be installed as vertical or horizontal wall cladding in timber frame construction or masonry construction. Cladding will require pre-drilling and screw fixing through the tongue. The next board groove should cover the screw in the previous board. Shou Sugi Ban is end-matched, end matching is applied to the ends of the boards so that they can be joined off the stud. End matching is a tongue and groove profile that improves waterproofing and eliminates the need to measure and trim the ends of the boards. This will enable you to save time and minimise waste during installation.

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Warranty Information Sheet

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Fire Information Sheet

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Maintenance Information Sheet

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DWG Files

Shou Sugi Ban DWG Files

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What is Charred Timber Cladding?

Charred Timber(also known as Yaki Sugi and Shou Sugi Ban) is a centuries-old Japanese method of wood preservation. The literal translation is ‘burnt timber board’, the product is used for cladding, screening, and timber ceilings.

Charred timber cladding is highly valued for not only its stunning looks but also its ability to repel rot & insects and it’s fire resistance due to the layer of carbon created through the burning process. Charring the timber also strengthens the timber resulting in a more durable cladding.

What is charred Timber and what does charring wood do?

Charring Timber means you have a protective carbon layer of charcoal on the surface timber. This protective burnt wood layer increases the lifespan of the timber. Charred timbers can last up to 5-10 years without maintenance however it is recommended re-coating the timber more often to keep it hydrated and water resistant.

Can Charred Timber used internally?

Yes this product can be used internally. Mortlock Timber use a different timber coating on the surface which binds the char layer together and eliminates the rubbing off for interior projects. READ MORE HERE

Does the charred surface rub off Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding?

If you touch burnt timber cladding that has been installed in exterior areas, some loose particles from the charcoal layer may rub off on your hands. As the charred timber is exposed to weather the loose particles that causes this issue will wash off the timber from the wind and rain over a few months and the rubbing off will stop. If you’re looking for burnt timber cladding for interiors or areas not exposed to weather, Mortlock Timber use a different timber coating on the surface which binds the char layer together and eliminates the rubbing off. READ MORE HERE

Do I have To maintain Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding?

Although every timber that is exposed to the weather will need maintenance over time, Shou Sugi Ban cladding has reduced maintenance requirements compared to other types of non-charred cladding. Different timbers offer different maintenance levels READ MORE HERE

How much does charred cladding cost? Is it expensive?

As a guide charred cladding will cost you around $45-$95 per m2 more than non-charred timber cladding. This is indicative and it does depend on the options you select. For full pricing download our Shou Sugi Ban pricing guide.

Does Mortlock Timber provide an installation service?

As a manufacturer and supplier of timber products, Mortlock Timber does not provide installation services. We highly recommend you engage a professional installer to achieve the best result possible. Although we do not install our products, we work closely with installers and builders by offering installation advice and crucial product information to ensure the project is successful.

Shou Sugi Ban Timber cladding can be installed by a qualified carpenter.

Does Shou Sugi Ban / charring the timber increase the fire rating of the timber?

No. Mortlock has done lab testing on this and the results showed that charring timber does not change the fire properties of the timber.

Does Shou Sugi Ban come in panels or individual boards?

Our burnt timber cladding comes as individual boards, not in panels.

Is Shou Sugi Ban real timber?

Yes, all of our products are real timber. Mortlock Timber does not supply fake timber or timber look products

What is the R value for charred timber cladding?

The R-value for 19mm hardwood timber cladding is R 0.12.

ATFA states that all timber products have a material R-value. The thermal conductivity of kiln-dried hardwood (across the grain) is 0.16 W/mK. The R-value of a material is determined by dividing the thermal conductivity of the material (in metres) by the thickness so the R-value of 19mm thick kiln-dried hardwood is R 0.12. R = Thickness (m) / Conductivity (W/mK) =0.019 / 0.16 = 0.12 (m²·K/W).

Charring timber does not change the R-value.

Shou Sugi Ban Pricing

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