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Using Enviro Clear for Internal Timber Applications

If you are looking for a high-grade timber coating for your design project, you are wanting to choose one that looks and feels superb. Enviro Clear’s smooth and film-forming coating is ideal for timber used for internal installation. It is of pre-catalysed clear lacquer with amazing quality and a high build, which is perfect for a lot of our partners to use on design projects.  

In this blog we will look to highlight which type of projects Enviro Clear is selected for, its benefits and the effect it has on our natural timber products. 

Here is what we will cover: 

Let’s get into it! 

What is Enviro Clear? 

Enviro Clear is a product used on architectural timber products at Mortlock Timber. It is a smooth, film-forming coating that is used exclusively for internal timber installations.  

The appearance of this coating resembles a clear to milky, yellow one, that has a slightly sweet odour. 

It is a furniture grade finish which is available in different gloss levels and stains. It has little to no change on the natural colour of the timber it is applied to. While it enhances the natural timber, the coating contains UV absorbers to protect the timber substrate from UV light to a degree. 

Where to use Enviro Clear 

Enviro Clear which helps achieve a minimal-maintenance coating for internal applications. Enviro Clear is a clear lacquer-based product for interior use only. It is a film forming coating which is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. 

Where Cutek Oil is used for interior projects, it can cause a slightly rough surface, if this is undesired the Enviro Clear option is recommended. You can only use Enviro Clear for internal applications and cannot use it on fine sawn timber. The 10% gloss of the coating allows our timber products to keep their natural look. This coating also yellows less than Cutek CD50 oil. 

How Enviro Clear is applied and maintained

Compared to a penetrative oil that sinks into the timber, the Enviro Clear Coating is a film forming coating that sits on top of the timber surface. This coating is factory applied using an inline spray machine. 

Freshly coated (Cutek Extreme CD50) timber in the Mortlock Timber factory.

It is a 2-coat process with a light sand in between coats. Once coated, Enviro Clear does not require a recoat as it is a coating that seals the timber. 

Enviro Clear being applied to timber in the Mortlock Timber factory.

If repair is required on architectural timber with Enviro Clear applied to it, ensure the surface is clear of any substance and contaminants. If necessary, lightly sand the areas impacted, clear away any residue and then apply a fresh layer of Enviro Clear using a brush or roller. 

Applying Enviro Clear to Mortlock Timber products

When it comes to the natural timber product Enviro Clear can be applied to, our Proplank Timber Battens are a popular option. Enviro Clear helps achieve a minimal-maintenance coating for internal applications.

Blackbutt Timber coated with Enviro Clear on left, Cutek Oil on right.
Vic Ash coated with Enviro Clear on left, Cutek Oil on right.
Oak coated with Enviro Clear on left, Cutek Oil on right.

Benefits of Enviro Clear

Aesthetic appeal 

If you are looking to enhance the natural beauty of your internal timber, this coating provides a glossy or satin finish that highlights the wood’s grain, texture and colour variations. While other internal coatings can cause a rough surface, Enviro Clear covers the fibres and removes the rough feeling and look of the timber. 

Enhanced Durability 

Enviro Clear is one our most durable interior coating. It provides a robust protective layer for the timber and shield it from various external factors including abrasion and chemicals. 

This protection helps to extend the lifespan of the timber, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. 

Water resistance 

Enviro Clear creates a barrier that attempts to resist the penetration of water to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. Although it creates this barrier, it is not resistant in rain or areas with a high degree of moisture.

Easy maintenance 

Enviro Clear is a coating that is easy to maintain. As it creates a smooth, no-porous surface, substances such as dust, dirt and spills can be wiped away with minimal effort.  

At Mortlock Timber, as we advise using this coating in high-traffic areas where cleanliness is essential. No recoating of this coating is required, unless damage occurs. 

Scratch, wear and chemical resistance 

The durable nature of Enviro Clear helps to resist scratches, chemicals and general wear and tear. This is will often maintain the timber’s surface and appearance, however, the thin film coating does not guarantee it will prevent indentation of the timber.  

Your vision, our expertise.

At Mortlock Timber we understand the challenges right throughout the lifecycle of a project. Ultimately, finding the perfect timber coating involves striking a balance between functionality and visual appeal. We encourage you to consult with our experienced team to ensure that your project stands the test of time. 

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