Timber Decking Designed For Harsh Environments
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product overview

Marineplank timber decking

Create classy decking that is as tough as the Australian sun and the salty sea air. Even when exposed to harsh elements and heavy foot traffic, Marineplank offers outstanding durability and the stunning aesthetics than only real timber brings. Perfect for residential and commercial projects, Marineplank is a versatile decking that will enhance the appearance of any space. It is trusted by leading builders and architects across Australia to deliver unequalled durability and first class aesthetics every time.



Over the past 20 years we have been perfecting our decking to offer you the highest standard products that will help bring your vision to life. Versatile, durable and attractive, Marineplank showcases our expertise in product advancement. With its precision machined domed surface, Marineplank achieves better water run off than other decking products, preventing dry rot from occurring under the plank.

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Product benefits

Straight Boards

Straight timber for easy installation


Dome profile for maximum water run-off

Commercial Grade

Designed to withstand harsh environments


Supplied ready for installation

Marineplank Overview

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Marineplank is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential applications, and really shines when used in spaces that receive high traffic or are exposed to harsh weather conditions. It has been used by some of Australia’s leading architects and builders for projects such as the Perth Stadium, Marina boardwalks and high-end residential projects.

Ideal for boardwalks, marinas and pool-side decking, it is a versatile decking which can be adapted for any project.

Commercial Decks
Residential Decks

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Profile & Sizes

  • 85mm x 20mm
  • 85mm x 30mm
  • 130mm x 20mm
  • 130mm x 30mm
  • 135mm x 20mm
  • 135mm x 30mm
  • 175mm x 40mm


Marineplank can be installed on timber or steel joists and is designed for bearers and joists that are compliant with the AS1720 and the National Construction Code. Spacers should be used to maintain a consistent gap between the decking boards and adjacent walls. Each board is fixed to each joist with two screws per board per joist, and four screws should be used where boards are butt joined.

For a detailed description of the installation requirements for Marineplank, please get in touch for our product and pricing guide.


Useful Info


Warranty Information Sheet

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Fire Information Sheet

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Maintenance Information Sheet

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Does the domed surface make furniture unstable?

The dome is very small, we have never had complaints from customers where furniture has become unstable. In fact, customers have preferred the domes surface rather than flat, they have commented that it is more comfortable to walk on.

Does Mortlock Timber provide an installation service?

No Mortlock Timber does not provide an installation service. As the manufacturer of timber products Mortlock Timber focuses on producing high quality products and leaves the installation to expert installers. Mortlock Timber works with the installer, provides installation advice and details to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Marineplank Timber Decking can be installed by a qualified carpenter, landscaper or decking contractor.

Marineplank pricing

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