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How much our products cost is one of the first questions architect, builders and contractors want to know when they reach out to us.

Although this is a difficult question to answer in an article like this, we will do our best to break down the factors that affects Mortlock Timber’s products. We’ll break down cost ranges by product type, provide some guidelines on installation costs, explain key factors that affect the price per m2 and provide some links to further in-depth articles on pricing for each product.

The cost of our products = material supply cost + installation cost.

Cost ranges by product type

Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber

The chart above provides the price range for our four product categories, Proplank shows a broad price ranges due the large range of options.


As Mortlock Timber is a manufacturer and a supply only company we do not provide installation services. We do however provide installation assistance to architects, builders, and contractors to ensure your project is installed correctly.

Installation cost varies widely and depends on the scope of the installation package and product. As a general guide the cost per m2 ranges between $80 – 250 per m2. Things like site accessibility, complexity of the install, timing and what other items other than our products are included in the scope of works for the contractor will affect the pricing.

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Mortlock Timber

Primary Cost Drivers

There are many factors to consider when estimating the cost of your project that can affect the final price. To make it easier to plan, we have outlined the primary cost drivers of our products to help you manage the costs earlier. However, if you have any questions, a specific situation that you need advice on, or would like an accurate quote, please contact us directly.


Decking tends to be the cheapest price per m2, mainly due to the timber size being a standard size. Exterior cladding and internal timber walls and ceilings

Timber per m2

Depending on your product selection, the more wood per m2, the higher the cost. For example, a Proplank ceiling in a 30×30 with 30mm spacing will have a lower cost than 30×30 with a 10mm spacing due to more wood per m2.

Timber Species

As a guide imported timbers are expensive whereas Australian timbers are generally cheaper. Timbers like American Oak and Burnt Ash are imported so are higher in price due to exchange rates and freight. Spotted Gum, Ironbark and Blackbutt are Australia timbers in the mid-range and Jarrah and Vic Ash are Australian timbers in the lower price range.


The larger the timber size the more expensive it will be. As an example, you could use 85x30mm decking which costs more but offers the same look as an 85x20mm board.


Random Length is the most cost effective form of timber supply. Random length means that timber is supplied in a length spread from 0.9m – 3.9m with an average of 2.4m depending on the timber type. For some products set lengths are available for order at a higher cost. Set lengths range between 0.9m and 3.6m, the longer the length you order the higher the cost.


Mortlock Timber offers a range of stains, oils, and poly finishes. As a guide clear oils are at the at the lowest end of the price range while staining and poly coatings sit at the higher end.

Fire Rating

For internal projects, our products a supplied as Group 3 rated as standard. Group 1 and 2 fire rated products required an extra fire protection coating which will drive up the cost. For exterior BAL rated timbers sit within the low to medium price range.

Project Scope

No job is too small for Mortlock, but production runs for smaller jobs sometimes incur additional set-up costs which can make the product un-affordable. In this instance our consultants can point you in the right direction even if it means recommending our competitors. We aren’t here for a quick sale we just want the best outcome for your project.

Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber

Logistics and add-ons

Mortlock Timber

Trims, Hardware and Accessories

It is important to note that most quotes from Mortlock for cladding, walls and ceilings will include material wastage, corner trims, end stops, and other trimming timber and decking will include screws. This add cost and these may not be allowed for by competitors and often added on later which means you may not have allowed for this cost initially. Our trims are designed for easy installation to reduce installation time and provide a neat finish.


Mortlock Timber offers delivery Australia wide, generally delivery is cheaper in the capital cities and increases as you move further away. Freight cost depends on the number of shipments, their size, site accessibility and the distance shipped. Our proposals include an estimate based on these factors and unless a project’s scope increases, we invoice freight as required.

How to use our pricing guide

We offer pricing guides for all our products to assist in selecting a product suitable to your budget. Pricing in these guides is not to be used in tender quotes or quotes for your clients. The location of the pricing is listed in the contents page. Most of the pricing in these guides is listed as m2 rates.

To make large scale projects and tenders easier, we are able measure from PDF drawings which are returned with a detailed BOQ and quotation for cross referencing. We also offer face to face proposal presentation where required. To allow for any extra fixing and corner components we require a full set of PDF plans.

Download Our Pricing and Product Guide

For in-depth information about the range of products we offer, please fill out the form below to download our Architectural Timber Pricing and Product Guide. Inside you will find illustrations, specifications, portfolio photo examples and a hardwood timber price guide to assist with budgeting.

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    We are committed to bringing you timber products that add value and endure for years to come, even in heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. We understand the value of efficiency when it comes to installation and keeping hardwood timber costs down. That’s why we’ve spent decades perfecting our designs to make them easier to handle, less wasteful and more efficient to install. This efficiency allows us to offer you premier products that are more cost-effective so that you can experience greater savings on timber wall costs, timber ceiling costs, timber cladding costs and timber decking costs.

    Download our Pricing and Product Guide for our complete hardwood timber price list including timber decking prices, timber wall prices, timber ceiling prices and timber cladding prices.


    Our consultants are able to assist with budgeting and quotations for projects large or small. To make large scale projects and tenders easier, we are able measure from PDF drawings which are returned with a detailed BOQ and quotation for cross referencing. We also offer face to face proposal presentation where required. Please provide your details below including a brief description or project reference and one of our consultants will be in touch.