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About Mortlock Timber

Founded On Expertise
Our History

Our History


Since its inception in 2004, the Mortlock Timber Group has developed a solid reputation for providing exceptional timber products throughout Australia. The Mortlock Timber Group was born out of a long family history in timber. Nearly a century ago, the Mortlock family started building houses and making furniture out of timber. Now we specialise in providing architectural timber ceiling lining, wall cladding and decking across Australia.

Mortlock Timber

We pride ourselves on our team of highly experienced personnel

Mortlock Timber

When you choose Mortlock Timber, you will have the support of our dedicated team to bring your vision to life with care, attention and confidence. Our people are easy to do business with, customer focused and efficient so that you can deliver the highest craftsmanship and services to your clients.

With over 80 years of combined industry experience, and many team members who are 3rd generation timber and building industry specialists, you can put your trust in Mortlock Timber. Our specialist knowledge and passion for high quality timber enables us to help you bring your dreams to reality with confidence.

Mortlock Timber

Bringing You the Highest Quality Australian-Made Timber Products

At Mortlock Timber, we insist on quality from start to finish of the manufacturing process. Since we manufacture our own products, we are able to carefully monitor each step of the process and ensure that you receive only the very best in timber lining and decking.

Our cutting edge production facility has the latest technology in processing equipment which allows us to profile and supply timber products to your exact requirements. We have a solid network of global suppliers which enables us to bring you a wide range of choices in durable timber species so that you can customise and enhance any project.


our mission

“At Mortlock Timber, our mission is to provide lasting solutions with exceptional customer service to help architects and builders fulfil the vision for their client’s built environment.”

Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber

our vision

“We are dedicated to being national leaders in the architectural timber industry by having the most innovative and highest quality products along with unequalled customer service.”

our values


To build our relationships through honesty, loyalty and trust

satisfied clients

To create value that exceeds the cost of our products

Mortlock quality

To only ever provide quality products


To accept responsibility for our actions



Mortlock Timber

We are committed to supporting sustainable practices in the harvesting and manufacturing processes of our timber products. We guarantee that all of our timber products are sourced and harvested from fully sustainably managed forests that comply with the national and federal laws of the country of origin.

If you are looking for a building material that is kinder to Earth – choose timber. Quality timber has low embodied energy, produces less carbon emissions, is durable and longlasting, and can be recycled at the end of its life. At Mortlock Timber, we are passionate about supporting you with specialist knowledge and innovative timber products of first-rate quality so that you can fulfill your vision to the highest standard.

If you are looking for a building material that is kinder to the environment – choose timber. Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials when it has been derived from a sustainably managed forest where re-generation is taken seriously. At Mortlock Timber, we support the movement towards world-wide improvements in sustainability and re-generation standards for timber harvesting.

Produced sustainably with high quality standards, many timber products – particularly hardwoods – have a long lifetime of greater than 50 years. They often require little energy to maintain and preserve and can be recycled and repurposed in other buildings or projects at the end of their life.

According to Planet Ark (Make it wood), responsibly sourced wood can play a significant role in tackling climate change. Wood stores carbon, is renewable and has lower embodied energy than many other materials. The energy to produce rough sawn timber is also much more efficient than many alternative materials such as steel, concrete and brick. What’s more, timber has natural insulating properties, making it an energy efficient choice over materials such as steel, aluminium and concrete.

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Mortlock Timber

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We carry a proud heritage of sharing our years of experience with Architectural firms and builders throughout Australia to create beautiful and iconic projects, no matter how unique or complex. As your project partners, we will work closely with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific design requirements. We are committed to supporting you with timely and efficient services because we understand how important it is to deliver goods to your customers on time and to budget.

We believe the very best outcomes can only come from the unique combination of your vision and our expertise. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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