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Why you should NOT use Mortlock Timber.

Having a laser-like focus allows us to give maximum attention to specific projects and achieve EXCEPTIONAL results!

This means we are not a good fit for everyone! We are a project-focused company that manufactures specialty timber products for high-end residential and commercial projects.

If you would like to see the type of work we do and the companies we work with, click here to see our portfolio of projects.

Otherwise, read on to find out when you should not use us!

Minor projects and minimum order quantity. 

We rarely take on projects where 30m2 of material or less is required. Being a make-to-order manufacturer means our production lines need a unique setup for each order; this setup time means we can’t take on smaller projects. The make-to-order manufacturing model provides more flexibility with our product options and a streamlined manufacturing process which improves quality and cost for larger projects.

Looking for timber or a product to use in joinery.

Joinery items include kitchen cupboard doors, splashback, entry doors and other similar applications. Our products are not designed for these projects and often have components and fixing systems you pay for that are not usually needed. This makes our products very expensive for these types of applications. We recommend you contact a local carpenter or Joiner to discuss projects like this.

You’re looking for a cheap solution.

Mortlock Timber isn’t always the lowest price. We are commonly at the higher end of the price range than other companies. This is because:

1. Not all timber is the same grade. 

2. Not all timber is produced to Australian standards and supplied under a strict quality control process like ours. 

3. Not all timber companies carry the level of stock we do.

It’s hard to offer exceptional service and quality at the cheapest price.

Price checking a competitor’s product.

We’re often sent plans for projects with a competitor’s product specified and request to price an alternative. While we are happy to assist our clients wherever we can, we don’t provide a full take-off and proposal as a price check. For price checking, we only provide m2 rates or quotes based on your take-off.

If you are serious about working with us, we require the following information before we submit pricing:

  • Architect or interior designers’ written approval for the use of our products by email. The email can outline certain parameters Mortlock is required to meet before approval, for example, Mortlock Timber is approved if the system meets the required fire rating etc.


  • Architect/Client/Decision-makers direct contact details


  • Meeting set up with Mortlock, architect/client and any other decision-makers.

Why do we request this?

When pricing a project, we put in effort and time to do a detailed take-off and BOQ; this takes time and costs money. Many other competitors do not put in the effort before, during and after a project is complete like Mortlock does. Using us as a price checking tool wastes your time as much as it wastes the clients, architect and Mortlock’s time. If you’re serious about working with us, we request you respect this.

If we do not receive the above information, we are more than happy to provide a proposal from your take-off or indicative m2 rates and provide samples from the standard sample range we have in stock.


In conclusion. we aren’t here for a quick sale we just want the best outcome for your project. Trying to be all things to everyone is not us, we know we can only do great things a few times.


Jerry Hitch

Jerry Hitch

Jerry has been a part of Mortlock timber for over a decade and has been instrumental in helping Architects, Designers and Builders incorporate the beauty of natural timber into their projects across Australia.

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