Concealed Fixed Timber Cladding expertly designed to
allow for natural timber movement.
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Trendplank Timber Cladding

Trendplank excels in any environment. A concealed fixed cladding system with a range of corner trims and end stops for the perfect finish, Trendplank is ideal for both external and internal timber cladding for walls and ceilings. Naturally timber moves according to the elements it is exposed to in the environment. Since we cannot control this phenomenon, Trendplank finds harmony with its environment by allowing for just the right amount of natural timber movement.

Trendplank Timber Cladding and Timber Ceilings

Expertly designed and engineered for maximum performance in both exterior and interior applications, Trendplank timber cladding offers a durable solution that will continue to impress for years to come. Trendplank has been designed for efficiency and ease in installation, and maximum durability once the project is complete. During installation, During installation, the boards can be joined off stud thanks to end matching. End matching is a tongue and groove profile that improves water proofing and eliminates the need to measure and trim the ends of the boards. This will enable you to save time and minimise waste during installation.

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Product benefits


Designed to allow for timber movement to reduce cupping

Complete System

Full range proprietary end stops and corner trims

Concealed Fixing

All components are designed to maintain concealed fixing

Size Options

Allows for multi-depth and multi width for unique design


Our Trendplank profile is a versatile product which will complement and enrich a wide range of applications. Originally designed for exterior cladding, Trendplank has been used to line walls and ceilings both internally and externally by Australia’s leading Architects and Builders. Trendplank cladding can also be used to create convex curved walls.

Exterior Walls

Timber species

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Burnt Ash
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Pacific Teak
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Vic Ash
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Profile & Sizes

  • 120mm x 19mm
  • 120mm x 19mm Centre Groove
  • 70mm x 19mm
  • 70mm x 19mm Centre Groove
  • 50mm x 19mm
  • 40mm x 19mm
  • 70mm x 30mm
  • 50mm x 30mm
  • 40mm x 30mm
  • 70mm x 40mm
  • 50mm x 40mm
  • 40mm x 40mm


Both vertical and horizontal installation is possible for wall applications with Trendplank, in either a timber frame or masonry construction. Pre-drilling is required, as is screw fixing. Trendplank can also be end-matched, end matching is applied to the ends of the boards so that they can be joined off the stud. End matching is a tongue and groove profile that improves waterproofing and eliminates the need to measure and trim the ends of the boards. This will enable you to save time and minimise waste during installation.

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Useful Info


Warranty Information Sheet

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Fire Information Sheet

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Trendplank Revit Files

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DWG Files

Trendplank DWG Files

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Maintenance Information Sheet

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What are the m2 rates for all the options?

Please download our Product & Pricing Guide which lists m2 rates for all the options.

Does Mortlock Timber provide an installation service?

Mortlock Timber is an architectural timber manufacturer and supplier. We do not offer installation services and highly recommend that you choose an expert installer to ensure the best results. We provide installers with clear and helpful installation, care and maintenance information to help make sure the project is a success.

Does Trendplank come in panels or individual boards?

Trendplank timber cladding comes as individual boards, not in panels.

Is Trendplank real timber?

Yes, all of our products are real timber. Mortlock Timber does not supply fake timber or timber look products

What is the R-value for timber cladding?

The R-value for 19mm hardwood timber cladding is R 0.12.

ATFA states that the thermal conductivity of kiln-dried hardwood (across the grain) is 0.16 W/mK. The R-value of a material is determined by dividing the thickness (in metres) by the thermal conductivity of the material so the R-value of 19mm thick kiln-dried hardwood is R 0.12. R = Thickness (m) / Conductivity (W/mK) =0.019 / 0.16 = 0.12 (m²·K/W).

Information source: Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)

Trendplank Pricing

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