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Interior Timber Lining exclusively designed to add depth and character to your spaces.
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Satinplank Timber Lining

Mortlock Timber

Specifically designed for interiors, our Satinplank system allows for fast and easy installation of both wall and ceiling timber lining. Choose your preferred fixing method: Secret Fix where the boards are secured through the tongue, or Face Fix, where the boards are affixed directly through their face. Regardless of which fixing method is chosen, you will be able to customise your creation through a range of different timber species, profiles, and finishes.


With so many customisation options available, no one creation will be the same. Satinplank lining can be made from a variety of timber species including American Oak, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Jarrah, Pacific Teak, Spotted Gum, and Tasmanian Oak. Each timber type offers a different colour hue and grain structure, allowing for a unique look that is only available with that species.

Our Satinplank range can also be customised through a range of different timber profiles. Choose between a Concave, Curve, Step, Ridge, V-Joint, Channel, or Dome shape for your lining’s surface and give your creation the depth and character it deserves.

Lastly, you can give the final touch to your lining by selecting your preferred timber finish. The most common choice is Natural Oil, which maintains the timber’s natural colour. But you also have WOCA Wood Oil, used for enhancing the natural colour and grain of the timber without drastically changing its natural colour. The Fireshield finish, on the other hand, is used for achieving Group 1 and 2 fire rating without altering the timber’s original look. Finally, there is Enviro Clear, which is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

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Product benefits

Easy Installation

Two fixing methods to choose from for fast and easy installation


Supplied pre-finished and ready for immediate installation

Made for interior

Exclusively designed with interior lining in mind and ideal for both walls and ceilings

Strong & Durable

Low maintenance and durable against sunlight bleaching


Our Satinplank range is the natural choice for any interior application, whether it be wall lining or ceiling lining. The different customisation options, along with the simple fixing methods, make Satinplank a popular solution for architects and interior designers looking to add depth and character to their creations.

Interior Walls

Timber species

Select timber species below to see their corresponding finishes
american oak unfinished More Info
American Oak
Blackbutt Clear Oiled More Info
Burnt Ash Clear Oil More Info
Burnt Ash
ironbark Clear Oiled More Info
jarrah Cleared Oil More Info
Pacific Teak Unfinished More Info
Pacific Teak
Spotted Gum Clear oiled More Info
Spotted Gum
Vic Ash Fireshield More Info
Tasmanian Oak

Profile & Sizes

Satinplank Profiles
    75mm x 19mm
  • DOME
    75mm x 19mm
    75mm x 19mm
  • VJ
    80mm x 14mm
  • STEP
    75mm x 19mm
    80mm x 14mm
    75mm x 19mm


Satinplank is extremely versatile and allows for both vertical, horizontal, and diagonal installation. Moreover, you can choose between a concealed fixing method (Secret Fix) and a non-concealed one (Face Fix). The installer can also use different fixing styles, including a combination of nails, adhesive, and deep drive wire.

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Useful Info


Warranty Information Sheet

Download PDF


Fire Information Sheet

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Maintenance Information Sheet

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Does Satinplank meet Group 1 fire rating?

On its own Satinplank meets Group 3 fire rating, but with the application of the Fire Shield finish, it can be increased to Group 1 fire rating.

Does Mortlock Timber provide installation?

At Mortlock Timber we do not provide installation services, however, we do work closely with installers to ensure a successful build.

How much does the Satinplank system cost?

The Satinplank system is highly customisable, so the final cost will depend on your specifications. For more information, please scroll down and download our pricing guide.

What is the lead time from order to delivery?

The lead time will depend on the options you have selected, however as a guide, 6-8 weeks is standard. We recommend getting in touch with us for a more accurate lead time.

What is the minimum order quantity for Satinplank?

The minimum project size for Satinplank is 30 m2. Because Mortlock Timber is a make-to-order manufacturer, it is not financially viable to supply material for smaller projects. Read more about our serviceshere

Does Satinplank come in panels or individual boards?

Satinplank timber lining comes in individual boards and not panels.

Is Satinplank real timber?

Yes, all of our products are made from real timber. At Mortlock Timber, we do not supply fake timber or lookalike timber products.

Satinplank pricing

Download our pricing guide by filling out the form below. The pricing guide contains in depth information and specifications about the products we offer as well as illustrations and portfolio photographs. For further assistance, please call or email us directly and we will be happy to assist.


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