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Spotted Gum

A high degree of natural durability and strength – an ideal timber for a variety of structural, exterior and interior applications.
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Spotted Gum TImber

Spotted Gum is a premium Australian native hardwood known for its high durability and attractive natural features. It is grown on the east coast of Australia, primarily in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Spotted Gum trees have tall, slender trunks and smooth bark that sheds in sections creating its signature spotted look. With hues ranging from creamy pale brown to rich red brown, Spotted Gum timber has a distinct and elegant appearance.

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Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber

Benefits of using spotted gum timber

Spotted Gum timber is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods. Being naturally durable, strong and resistant to termites, it’s suitable for both internal and external use and is highly adaptable. It has minimal tannin leaching compared to other eucalypts and is easy to work with. Spotted Gum cladding and Spotted Gum battens are popular choices for bushfire zones due to their natural fire resistant properties. Boasting rich, warm hues and attractive textures, Spotted Gum will visually enhance any project and readily takes stains, paints and polishes.

Easy Installation

Complete click in system, easily adjustable to fit any space

Cost Effective

Save time installing, comes with proprietary corners and end trims


Large range of options for limitless design creativity


Designed for strength for use in commercial spaces


Spotted Gum has a long history in a variety of engineering, construction and architectural applications, from bridge and wharf construction to decorative design features. Being a highly versatile and adaptable timber, Spotted Gum cladding is a popular choice for both interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Other common applications include flooring, decking, timber screens and Spotted Gum battens.

Interior Walls
Exterior Walls

Spotted Gum Products

At Mortlock Timber, we supply a wide range of Spotted Gum timber products suitable for residential and commercial architectural projects. These include Proplank click-in Spotted Gum battens and Trendplank concealed fixed Spotted Gum cladding as well as a number of high quality decking products. All of our Spotted Gum timber products are sustainably sourced and designed to minimise waste.

Spotted Gum Finishes

We offer a range of Spotted Gum finishes suitable for external cladding, internal applications and decking. All finishes enhance the natural beauty of the wood, provide protection and improve longevity. Spotted Gum can be used with Shou Sugi Ban charred wood techniques for a striking carbon black finish. We can also deliver our Spotted Gum cladding unfinished and fine sawn.

Mortlock Timber
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Mortlock Timber
Spotted Gum Clear Oiled, Fine Sawn Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Enviro Clear Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Fine Sawn Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Fine Sawn Shou Sugi Ban Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Fireshield TimberClear 1FR Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Shou Sugi Ban Lorem ipsum
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Spotted Gum Unfinished Lorem ipsum

Colour Variation

Spotted Gum has rich and attractive natural tones, its heartwood varying from light grey-browns to deep red-browns. The sapwood ranges from white to light brown. Since Spotted Gum takes well to stains, paints and oils, its appearance can be controlled for consistency and harmony with the surroundings. Spotted Gum’s striking appearance makes it ideal for diverse settings including carefree coastal designs, rustic bush dwellings and modern luxury interiors.

Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber

Natural Feature

Spotted Gum is a moderately coarse timber with an uneven texture. Sometimes the wood displays a wavy grain, providing an attractive fiddleback feature. Gum veins are common, providing visual interest along with other natural features such as knots and borer holes. The natural characteristics of Spotted Gum make it a popular timber with leading interior designers and architects.

Mortlock Timber
Gum Veins
Mortlock Timber
Tight Knots
Mortlock Timber
Borer Holes
Mortlock Timber
Mortlock Timber
Tight Knots
Mortlock Timber
Gum Veins

What grades does mortlock supply?

Mortlock Timber grades our Spotted Gum products to standard and better grade, also known as natural select grade, in accordance with Australian Standards (AS) 2796.2-2006. The standard and better grade lets the timber show its natural textures and characteristics without compromising on consistency and quality. If you require Spotted Gum cladding, battens or decking in another grade, speak to our team about what’s possible.

Spotted Gum Properties

Spotted Gum is a popular timber species because of its excellent strength, durability and versatility. Being naturally greasy, the wood machines well and is easy to work with. It has a density of 990 kg/m3 and is rated in Class 1 for durability. Having a lower tannin content compared to other eucalypts, there’s less risk of staining and leaching with Spotted Gum. Since Spotted Gum timber is naturally fire and termite resistant, it’s a popular choice for external timber projects exposed to tough conditions.


Density (Dry)
Tangential Shrinkage
Termite Resistance
Lyctid Susceptibility


Readily available

990 kg/m3

Class 1




Group 3, BAL 12.5, 19 and 29 – All AS3959 required applications

Interior and Exterior Use

Latest Projects

Our Spotted Gum products have been used in award-winning projects by some of Australia’s leading designers, architects and builders. Our Spotted Gum batten system is a prominent feature in luxury hotel lobbies and high end apartment buildings, and our Spotted Gum cladding has been used in stunning residential designs across the country. Our Spotted Gum decking was recently used in the multi-award winning EZONE Student Hub at the University of Western Australia.
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Spotted Gum Cladding is a mid range product, typically ranging from $240 p/m2 to over $300 p/m2 for the standard options. Of course, there are several factors that may affect the final cost of a cladding product, including finishes, board size and labour costs. Read our guide How Much Does Timber Cladding Cost? Or download our pricing guide for more information.


Spotted Gum is a sustainable hardwood timber species. Like all the timber we supply, Spotted Gum is sourced from sustainably managed forests according to federal regulations and guidelines. Responsibly sourced wood plays a role in tackling climate change by storing carbon, and it takes less energy to produce and process compared to steel, concrete and plastics. Being highly durable and hard wearing, Spotted Gum lasts longer than many other building solutions and can be recycled at the end of its life. Read more about the benefits of using wood in your project.


Spotted Gum is rated Class 1 for durability, the highest rating for natural durability in timber. As such, it’s expected to last longer than 25 years in the ground and longer than 40 years exposed above ground. Correct treatment and maintenance can extend the longevity of Spotted Gum cladding and Spotted Gum battens. Maintenance information can be found in our product guide.

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Yes. Spotted Gum’s natural properties make it a great choice for decking in both exposed and covered locations. It’s highly durable, strong and resistant to termites, and can cope with tough Australian conditions. Due to its high density, Spotted Gum decking shrinks and moves less than other timber species. It’s also a recommended timber for fire prone areas thanks to its natural fire resistant properties. For more information, read our guide to the best timber for decking.

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