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Shou Sugi Ban Timber Cladding, does the charred surface rub off?

On exterior Shou Sugi Ban the charcoal layer will rub off on your hands or clothes when you touch it, this is the loose particles on the surface of the timber.

As the Shou Sugi Ban is exposed weather the loose particles that causes this issue will wash off the timber from the wind and rain over a few months and the rubbing off will stop.

So, what about Shou Sugi Ban not exposed to weather?

If your looking for Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding for interiors or areas not exposed to weather, Mortlock Timber use a different timber coating on the surface which binds the char layer together and eliminates the rubbing off.

You do need to be aware that the charcoal layer is not as hard as timber, if its knocked hard enough it can break the coating on the surface and it will cause minimal rubbing off. This can be easily touched up with the same coating

So, what about other companies claiming that the charcoal on their Shou Sugi Ban product does not rub off, even in exterior applications?

They are either using a different coating, or the char layer is not thick enough.

In that case what coating product does Mortlock use?

For external Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding Mortlock Timber factory applies a coat of Cutek CD50 Black Ash oil, the Black Ash colour tone helps bind the char layer together to reduce the wearing. This oil makes it easy and cost effective to maintain the timber cladding compared to the WOCA Exterior Wood Oil. Further information can be found at: https://www.cutek.com.au/product/cd50/

For interior and none exposed applications Mortlock Timber factory applies WOCA Exterior Wood Oil. WOCA exterior oil seals the charred surface of the timber and virtually eliminates the char layer wearing off. No maintenance is required for interior Shou Sugi Ban applications. Further information can be found at: http://www.wocadenmark.com/shop/product/exterior-wood-oil

For full maintenance information on Mortlock Shou Sugi Ban Cladding visit: https://www.mortlock.com.au/news/how-to-maintain-shou-sugi-ban-cladding-for-maximum-durability/

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