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Our Top 7 Timber Feature Wall Ideas

Timber feature walls offer a unique opportunity to infuse character, warmth and storytelling into your home. With their natural appeal and aesthetic flexibility, timber walls can transform any space into an inviting and stylish area. 

Today, we’ll look at seven distinctive timber feature wall ideas that are suitable for a range of interior design aesthetics. Whether you’re an interior designer looking for inspiration, or a homeowner wanting to spruce things up, this blog will offer guidance on the best feature wall locations, and what timber you should be selecting for the best aesthetic and practical benefits.

Timber bedhead feature 

Incorporating a timber bedhead into your bedroom can change the entire aesthetic of the room, adding character and warmth to your quiet nights. They also become the focal point of the room, emitting a natural beauty throughout. 

When picking timber for your bedroom, the options are vast. Installing a charred timber like Shou Sugi Ban provides a visually striking backdrop with its textured, rich finish. Shou Sugi Ban also provides practical benefits such as increased durability and resistance to pests. If you’re worried about charcoal rub-off on your skin or bed, there are solutions to prevent this for interiors like applying interior timber oils. Others may opt for something more subtle and classic like Satinplank, designed especially for interiors making it perfect for the bedroom. 

Kitchen highlights

Adding timber to your kitchen adds incredible warmth and texture, creating a welcoming environment for dinner parties and casual gatherings. A timber feature wall can serve as an excellent backdrop to open shelving or highlight a specific area like an island or dining space, blending functionality with style.

When choosing timber for your kitchen, two important factors to remember are the durability and moisture resistance of the timber you choose. Proplank systems are a great choice for kitchens because of this. Perfect for interior and exterior applications, Proplank walls can withstand kitchen humidity and exposure to splatters, all while enhancing the overall appearance and feel of your home. 

The easy-to-install system offers versatility, making it suitable for various spaces beyond kitchens, including living areas and outdoor settings. Additionally, Proplank provides acoustic benefits, reducing noise and creating a more serene environment. 

For a unique and elegant kitchen island, consider Satinplank, which combines the same durability and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly integrating with your kitchen’s design.

Living room accents

A timber feature wall can achieve many design outcomes when incorporated into your living room. It can be designed to complement a particular aspect of the room, such as a fireplace or entertainment system. On the other hand, you can use it to transform the entire room’s aesthetic, adding a touch of nature to your living space.

Using Trendplank allows for this natural beauty to shine, expertly designed to allow for just the right amount of natural timber movement, finding harmony with the environment surrounding it. With a range of timbers and finishes to select from, you can personalise the feature wall to match any desired aesthetic.

Home office setup

When you’re working from home, creating a focused and pleasant working environment is essential. Adding a timber feature wall can bring about a calming aesthetic to the room, keeping you happy and focused throughout the day. 

With the benefit of a quick and intuitive installation, Proplank can fit into your office space beautifully, with a vast range of finishes available to fit your design aspirations. Proplank also offers the benefit of improving acoustics, making it a popular choice for those who need it for recording audio or taking meetings. At Mortlock, we pre-cut all acoustic backing to the specified size to ensure you can still benefit from a quick installation.

Dining room cladding

The dining room should stand out, ready to impress any guests you invite into your home. Enhancing your dining room with a timber feature wall made of rich wood such as Jarrah provides a dramatic and luxurious backdrop. The warmth of Jarrah wood complements both modern and traditional homes, enhancing the ambience of the room and creating a welcoming space for friends and family. 

To add a touch of modern elegance to your feature wall, our Shou Sugi Ban charring technique can enhance the look and durability of your timber feature wall, while also creating a great talking point for guests and family alike! 

Outdoor entertainment area cladding 

Whoever said feature walls can’t take a step outside? If you’re trying to design the perfect outdoor area for hosting gatherings, a timber feature wall can add a touch of class to your space, sure to impress family and friends. 

Vacoa cladding is an excellent high-performing timber that can add to any space it finds itself in. Vacoa timber is great at maintaining its shape, even when exposed to the harsh Australian environment, making it a great choice for your outdoor entertainment area.

Bathroom timber feature

Adding a natural timber feature wall can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. The warmth and unique grain patterns of natural timber can enhance the appearance and serenity of your bathroom, which can help you forget about your busy day-to-day life and relax.

Timbers such as Pacific Teak or Ironbark are excellent choices thanks to their outstanding durability against the elements. This helps make them resistant to moisture and decay, as well as adds to their longevity. Proper ventilation is crucial in preventing moisture buildup, which can affect the integrity of timber over time. If you’d like to learn more about how ventilation and moisture affect timber and how to pick the best coatings to protect your feature walls, check out our timber coatings blog.

Enhance your space with a Mortlock Timber feature wall

Timber feature walls are versatile additions to any space that can enhance the beauty and functionality of the surrounding room. If you are looking to add a feature wall to your home, Mortlock Timber can help guide you through the process. From picking the perfect timber species to design and finish options, we can help you create the perfect feature wall for your space. 

At Mortlock, we supply a range of options for timber walls, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and ensure an easy installation to help homeowners and commercial builders alike.

If you’d like to explore your feature wall options, contact us or request a free quote and our expert team will assist and guide you through the journey!


Jerry Hitch

Jerry Hitch

Jerry has been a part of Mortlock timber for over a decade and has been instrumental in helping Architects, Designers and Builders incorporate the beauty of natural timber into their projects across Australia.

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