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MetroplankTM is the Ultimate in Concealed fixed decking. It is machined to a precision concealed fixed decking profile from a natural hardwood, and is secured with an innovative rust resistant clip which conceals the unsightly screws or nails, making it the ultimate in concealed fixed decking.

Using generations of experience & knowledge with Australian lumber, Mortlock Timber have developed the only reliable, tested and proven Concealed fixed decking system available on the Australian Market. Not only does it create a blemish free surface, it provides a trim & speedy installation, resulting in the ultimate in leisure surface design, with clean straight lines and no interruption of screws or nails.

Faster Installation

The fastening clip which we provide also acts as a spacer between the boards. No pre – drilling, just screw directly into the joist.

Cost Effective

The fastening clip only needs one screw, but secures two boards at once, saving on screws and labour. Conventional decking uses twice as many screws.

Low Maintenance

Nails do not protrude above the surface of the board nor will they cup, our innovative rust-resistant has also been developed to allow for natural movement in timber.

Safer Than Conventional Decking

Reduces the risk of injury by hiding the screws & nails.

Mortlock Quality

Our experience with timber and quality control systems right thru the manufacturing process ensures you are getting a product of high standard, on time, every time.

Rust Resistant Fastening

Provides the strength and flexibility you need when fastening timber.

Metroplank Specifications

  • Sizes: 85×20, 105×30 (Jarrah only), 130×30
  • Standard range comes in Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum or Pacific Teak
  • Other timber species are available on request (please contact us to find out more)
  • The proprietary fixing clips shall be designed to allow for as much natural timber movement as possible as supplied by Mortlock Timber Group
  • The fasteners shall be black-head stainless steel screws supplied by Mortlock Timber Group
  • The product shall be factory pre-coated on both sides with clear Cutek CD50 preservative treatment for protection during installation
  • The product shall be fully coated at the completion of the project with one coat of Timber Preservative CD50 as supplied by Mortlock Timber Group

Colour Options

  • All timber products should be acclimatised as required onsite to ensure moisture and temperature equilibrium with the surrounding environment prior to installation.
  • The sub-frame shall be level and installed at maximum 450mm centers
  • The decking shall be installed perpendicular to the joists and fixed to each joist using the proprietary fixing clips and black-head stainless steel screws supplied by Mortlock Timber Group.
  • The decking shall be cleaned and maintained as required to avoid any accumulation of surface contaminants and to maintain the desired performance and appearance