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Red Ironbark is a handsome Australian hardwood that grows readily from Victoria through the western slopes of NSW into southern Queensland. As one of a very distinctive group of Australian eucalypts, the ironbarks, it can be easily recognised by its hard, deeply furrowed, rough bark ranging from a dark grey to black hue. It has been a preferred structural timber for over 200 years, due to its long-term performance in weather-exposed structural applications.

Red ironbark heartwood is a deep dark red to red-brown. By contrast, its sapwood is a distinctive pale yellow in colour. The timber’s texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain. It is extremely hardwearing and highly durable, allowing for wide range of external applications. However the timber is very hard to work, limiting some applications that require fine detailing. It is slow to dry and care needs to be taken to minimise surface checking.

Red ironbark is ideal for engineered structures that require excellent durability and strength, including wharf and bridge members, poles, railway sleepers, mining timbers. The timber is also suitable for all building construction materials from poles, framing, flooring, decking and cladding. Additionally, the wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

The red ironbark tree has a tendency towards piping, where a hollow forms in the trunk’s centre trunk and reduces recovery rates and sectional sizes of sawn timber.