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About The Project

With Edward leading the architectural design and McMillan Design overseeing the interior design of this luxurious home nestled in the countryside, the use of thermally modified timber emerges as a pivotal element.

The design ethos by the two professionals of ‘Natural Fit’ integrates the warmth and authenticity of thermally modified timber with the surrounding rural landscape. Vacoa is a Nordic pine that has been been heated to absorb less water, consequently increasing decay resistance while decreasing swelling and shrinking. Thermally modified wood is far more durable than its previous state.

Lead architect Edward Rosier’s inspiration was drawn from the natural hues of the countryside infuses the interiors with a warm, earthy color palette, ensuring a harmonious connection with the environment.

The result is a strikingly beautiful, cocooning home, featured in the House & Garden magazine, where the timeless appeal of Vacoa coated in WOCA Black, converges with the elegance and livability envisioned for this special project in the Southern Highlands.

Builder AllFitz Homes
Photographer Simon Whitbread
Interior Designer Anna McMillan
Mortlock Timber


Products Used

  • Trendplank, 120x18mm T&G Vacoa Cladding
  • Fine sawn finish, end-matched
  • Pre-finished in WOCA Black coating