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Aquinas College Chapel

Salter Point, WA

About The Project

Opened in 1966, the Aquinas College Chapel is a significant landmark within Aquinas College, it is a visual reference point and is integral to the vibrant life of the school; be it in its capacity as a place of worship and reflection and providing multiple uses by the community as a music and events space. With significantly increased student numbers over time, it had become necessary to seek to enlarge the capacity of the chapel to ensure its ongoing usage.  Mortlock Timber worked with SGF Construction to design and source timber that matched the existing timber lining.

The Aquinas Chapel won prestigious Gerry Gauntlett Award for 2020 which recognises excellence in the area of conservation or adaptation of a place.


Architect John Taylor Architects
Builder Crothers Construction
Contractor SGF Construction
Photographer Robert Frith
Mortlock Timber


Products Used