What is end matched timber and what are the benefits?

End matching timber can only be applied to Mortlock’s Proplank Timber Battens, Trendplank and Shou Sugi Ban Timber Cladding product range.

End matching means the timber battens or boards have a tongue and groove machined on the ends. It is a stronger and more waterproof joint compared to butt joining timber.

End matching can reduce waste from 10% to as low as 5% depending on the product as it means you do not have to trim boards or battens to join over a stud, fixing batten or mounting rail. Not having to trim the boards also saves installation time.

End matching is an optional extra and will be listed in your quote if it has been allowed for. If it is not listed in your quote it means your timber will not be end matched.

Trendplank and Shou Sugi Ban T&G Timber Cladding

The installation method for end matching is the same whether the cladding is vertical or horizontal. Sikaflex 11 FC or similar needs to be applied to the gap, then boards are pushed together. Excess sealant to be cut of once dry. Where cladding is installed vertically the tongue should be installed facing upwards.

Endmatching Timber – 60 Second Overview

Proplank Timber Battens

To install Proplank end matched battens you simply push the tongue and groove together. Click batten into clips fastened to the mounting rail. Click a loose clip over end matched join ensuring the clip is evenly positioned over each batten.