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Timber Decking

A durable Australian hardwood, perfect for your decking.
Timber decking is quintessentially Australian and renowned for its durability, rich colouring and beautiful textures.
Timber Decking Overview

About Timber Decking

Timber’s natural high resistance to weather, rot, termites, and even marine borers, makes this the ideal timber for decking.

Timber is a popular timber in Australia and has been used as an exterior timber in construction since the 1840’s because of its durability and strength. Timber trees can be found in forests from Perth to Albany in the southwest of Western Australia where the soil is rich in iron and aluminium.

From boardwalks in extreme environments to veranda and alfresco decking, Timber’s striking appearance and long-term durability makes it Australia’s premium choice.

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Where can Timber Decking be used

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pool decks

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commercial projects

Timber Decking by Mortlock Timber

Timber decking by Mortlock Timber

Timber is a unique Australian hardwood renowned for its versatility. Its durability and strength make it an ideal timber for a range of structural and design applications, with timbers that display colours ranging from deep red to blonde.

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Marineplank is Jarrah decking which is profiled with a slightly curved surface. Specially designed to cope with demanding conditions, Marineplank jarrah decking is a popular choice because of its excellent performance in hot, dry summers and milder winters. The Marineplank profile is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance compared to standard flat top Jarrah decking profiles.

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Metroplank is Jarrah decking with a concealed fixing system. This means a secure and safe installation, with no nails jutting out above the surface of the deck. Metroplank jarrah decking has been expertly designed to allow for natural timber movement, increasing its durability and longevity.

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When you choose Classicplank timber decking, you choose the finest quality in timber decks. From the raw product through all phases of production to the finished product, we have insisted on quality so that you can deliver your clients the best. Backed by extensive experience with timber and strict quality control systems, our team is committed to supplying you with a high standard product that is on time, every time.


Natural sustainable, renewable resource


Supporting sustainable forestry in WA


Decking available pre-oiled ready for installation


Weather and termite resistant to last for years to come
Mortlock Timber

Why use Timber Timber Decking

Timber is an excellent choice for outdoor applications as it is naturally resistant to weather, rot and termites. It is also resistant to marine borers, making it a good choice for harsh marine applications such as wharf and bridge construction.

Timber’s natural colour ranges from a deep brown-red to blonde. Paired with its durable qualities, this makes it a desirable species for architectural design and decorative elements. It is often used for floorings, linings, furniture, joinery and parquetry.

Timber is one of the Australian hardwood species that has natural fire resistant properties (BAL 12.5 & 19), making it an ideal choice for outdoor decking applications where durability and safety are paramount.

Thanks to its durability and strength, Timber is a highly versatile timber which is used for both structural and design applications. As it is both a highly practical and aesthetic timber, Timber is an ideal choice for public spaces, commercial buildings and high end residential properties.

Mortlock Timber’s Timber decking and cladding products are manufactured in Western Australia. As a locally sourced and manufactured timber, Timber is a sustainable option.

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Sustainable Jarrah


New Timber is a sustainable, renewable resource, exclusively harvested from regrowth forests in WA.

Strict and comprehensive legislation is in place in Western Australia to ensure sustainable forest management. Sustainable forest management balances ecological, economic and socio-cultural values of the forest. The Forest Management Plan and the WA Regional Forest Agreement outline the strict guidelines and policies that control timber harvesting in Western Australia. Both are legally binding documents prepared through scientific research and consultation and are regularly formally reviewed to ensure compliance and that the standards within maintain their world class status.

The Forest Products Commission is responsible for conducting commercial forest operations under the Forest Products Act 2000. The Forest Products Commission is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard (AS4708:2013) and the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015)

All native forests harvested in WA are regenerated or replanted each year.

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Mortlock's have supplied teak for small and large projects at our apartment complex. The quality of the timber and the helpful service has been first class. This latest project shows an old garden bed transformed into an attractive alternative space. - Anthony McCann
Thanks Mortlock as self designers and builders we loved the look of Shou sugi ban in the images we had seen on line and included it as the major feature on the front of our new home. We used the tongue and groove cladding burnt to the highest level, it well and truely lived up to our expectations in both look and workability and it’s been loved by everyone who has seen it. We would highly recommend Mortlock for charred timber cladding. - Gary Crameri
Mortlocks pre oiled timber product is a quality product that makes a quality finish easy to achieve - Andrew Byers
We used the spotted gum 40 x 40mm battens on this project. I was really surprised with how quick and simple the installation was. It easily removes labour time to install, also a very sleek finish. Can’t wait to use the product again. - Patrick Clark


Is Timber good for decking?

Timber is a great option for timber decking, its termite resistance, durability, and striking appearance make it one of the best timbers to use for hardwood timber decking.

What are the benefits of Timber decking?

Timber has many benefits like termite, rot resistance, and long-term durability. Because of its longevity, Timber is often used in highly exposed to weather areas like boardwalks and marine environments.

Does timber decking bleed?

Timber is less prone to tannin leaching than timbers like merbau decking and many tropical timbers. It does still bleed tannin, Read more here

How much does timber decking cost?

Popular options for Timber decking costs start at around $85 p/m2 and can be as high as $210 per m2 not including installation, an in depth article on how much timber decking costs can be found here.

How do you maintain timber decking?

Maintaining Timber decking involves general cleaning like sweeping and mopping and re-oiling. The frequency of the re-oiling depends on how your Timber decking is exposed to the weather. For further details on maintenance Read more here.

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