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Tall, dark and then some: Tulipwood

Introducing a stunning natural timber product to be specified on designs across Australia. Tulipwood as a premium offering in the realm of thermally modified wood. Since the inception of the thermal wood modification process in the 1990s, the demand for such products has soared, finding favour in both internal and external architectural applications.

Renowned for its superior durability, stability, and sustainability, thermally modified wood has become a sought-after choice in the construction industry. Tulipwood stands out not only for its exceptional performance but also for its innate beauty.

In this blog we’ll look to cover the following points:

Let’s get into it!

What is tulipwood?

Tulipwood is sourced from the Tulip tree. The tree has sustainable benefits through its natural reseeding abilities and rapid growth rate, which can exceed harvesting rates. Tulipwood is a durable natural timber that boasts natural beauty which is characterised by rich resins and unique grain.

This is all before it goes through the thermally modification process.

The thermal modification process

Thermally modified wood is timber that has been heated in temperatures greater than 190 degrees Celsius to create changes in the wood at a cellular level. These structural and chemical changes improve the timber’s durability, stability and resistance to rot and termites.

Tulipwood undergoes that transformative process that reveals enhanced characteristics. This includes a visually appealing shift to rich, dark chocolate tones, like mahogany or walnut.

It not only excels in aesthetics but also in durability, boasting resistance to fire, rot, and insects, with high density, stability, and strength—ideal for outdoor applications.

Tulipwood’s stunning appearance

Thanks to the process of thermal modification, Tulipwood goes through a captivating transformation that yields a luscious palette reminiscent of dark chocolate tones. This natural process not only imparts a silky-smooth texture but also accentuates the distinctive grain patterns within each panel.

The result is a spectrum of rich brown hues ranging from amber to dark brown, mirroring the allure of exotic woods of North America.

Case study

Bream Creek Vineyard founder and viticulturist Fred Peacock wanted the cellar door of Bream Creek Vineyard to rest amongst the landscape and for the building’s materials to reflect this.

The tones of the timber featured in this renovation were purposeful by Tom Mark Henry to match some of the darker leaves from the surrounding Eucalypts.

A Huon Pine sign sits against our chocolate-coloured tulipwood cladding. These 135x19mm timber boards are larger than the standard 120x19mm boards, saving costs around installation, as you are installing less boards per square metre.

Why choose tulipwood?

Thermally modified wood cladding can be an affordable option, depending on the scope of the project and the finishes required. Tulipwood is currently one of our most cost-effective timber options at Mortlock Timber. The best way to get an accurate quote for thermally modified wood pricing is to contact us directly. We can work closely with you to find the right solution for your project specifications and budget.

Get in touch today for more information regarding our architectural timber products or to request a quote. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you!

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