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Mortlock Timber & Hydrowood Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable timber product production. We see ourselves as a a leading force in the architectural timber industry and we continue to take steps towards ethical and environmentally-conscious practices.

This is why we have partnered with Hydrowood. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to responsible sourcing and production, aligning our values with Hydrowood’s innovative approach to timber retrieval.

Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way timber is sourced and processed, setting new industry standards for sustainability, quality, and ethical responsibility.

Here is what we will cover in this article: 

Let’s get into it! 

What is Hydrowood?

Hydrowood is a pioneering concept in the realm of timber sourcing that stands as a beacon of sustainability. The company was co-founded by Andrew Morgan and David Wise. They recognized the unique opportunity presented by these submerged logs and established Hydrowood to bring this rare and environmentally sustainable resource to the market.

The team at Hydrowood discovered the largest quantity of environmentally friendly specialty Tasmanian timber found in many years. Now it involves the recovery of these submerged or ‘sinker’ logs from the depths of water bodies, repurposing them into high-quality, usable timber.

These logs were originally harvested during the era of large-scale logging, but due to various factors, they had sunk to the bottom of lakes and rivers, where they’ve remained preserved for decades.

Is the practice sustainable?

Yes! Hydrowood’s approach to sourcing timber is inherently sustainable. Hydrowood avoids the detrimental effects of traditional logging, such as deforestation, habitat destruction, and soil erosion.

Hydrowood’s Co-Founders, David Wise and Andrew Morgan

These submerged resources are a result of natural flooding or man-made dams, offering a unique opportunity to repurpose trees that would otherwise slowly decay and go to waste. By utilizing these timbers, Hydrowood lessen the demand for newly grown trees, ultimately benefiting our environment.

Photocredit: Adam Gibson

What about the surrounding environment and the ecosystem that the logs are a part of?

Extensive studies, conducted as part of Hydrowood’s Environmental Impact Assessment, have delved into the aquatic fauna of the area. It has been observed that the introduced Brown Trout thrives as the most prevalent species in the lake, indicating a balanced ecosystem.

Furthermore, this method eliminates the need for extensive heavy machinery and the associated carbon emissions, minimizing the ecological footprint even further. The process is carefully regulated to ensure that it adheres to strict environmental standards, ensuring that the surrounding ecosystems remain unharmed.

The harvest process is carried out with utmost care, ensuring minimal disruption to the benthic layer on the lakebed. Trees are cut well above their base, cleanly removing them from the water. In many cases, substantial portions of the trees remain submerged, safeguarding the aquatic environment. Rigorous monitoring of erosion and sediment levels has revealed no discernible impacts.

Lake Pieman

What timbers does Hydrowood harvest?

Hydrowood offers a diverse and captivating range of timber varieties, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Mortlock Timber looks to mainly use the rare and coveted timber of Hydrowood for internal (out of weather) applications. This includes our Trendplank, Proplank and Satinplank range.

Some of the most sought-after timbers include:

Hydrowood Oak

Hydrowood oak is prized by artisans, designers, and builders for its sustainability and unparalleled visual appeal, making it a coveted choice for both functional and aesthetic applications in woodworking and interior design. The long immersion process leads to a striking blend of colors, ranging from rich browns to deep, dark hues, with a unique patina that tells a story of time spent beneath the waters.

Huon Pine

Known for its exquisite golden hue and fine grain, Huon Pine is a highly coveted timber in woodworking and furniture crafting. It boasts exceptional natural durability and resistance to decay, making it a preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Huon Pine

Celery Top Pine

Recognized for its beautiful creamy-white to pale-yellow coloration, Celery Top Pine is a versatile timber prized for its workability and stability. It’s a popular choice for cabinetry, boat building, and architectural applications.

Celery Top Pine

Blackheart Sassafras

This unique timber is characterized by its striking dark heartwood and light sapwood. Blackheart Sassafras is often used in fine furniture making and decorative applications, adding a touch of elegance to any project.

Blackheart Sassafras

Tasmanian Myrtle

Hydrowood’s Tasmanian Myrtle timber embodies a story of remarkable resilience and natural beauty. Sourced from the depths of Tasmania’s serene lakes, this unique timber carries with it a history submerged in the depths of time.

Once lost to the depths, these ancient Myrtle trees have been lovingly salvaged and repurposed, breathing new life into their timeworn fibers. The result is a timber with lots of character, marked by the distinctive, swirling grain patterns and a rich, warm hue. Each piece of Hydrowood’s Tasmanian Myrtle timber carries the legacy of centuries, offering a piece of Tasmania’s natural heritage to be cherished and incorporated into spaces that appreciate the allure of history and the resilience of nature.

Hydrowood & Mortlock partnership

The exquisite range of timbers offered by Hydrowood provides a palette of possibilities for artisans, architects, and craftspeople to create timeless pieces that echo the beauty of nature.

At Mortlock we’ve brought this selection of timber into our range of natural timber products. We will look to provide these types of timber to design projects across Australia. Whether it is an internal application or external application, these timbers present a unique opportunity to incorporate reclaimed timber into architectural design.

Hydrowood represents a significant stride towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future in the timber industry. By utilizing submerged logs, this innovative approach not only conserves natural resources but also preserves delicate ecosystems and reduces the need for destructive logging practices.

The exquisite range of timbers offered by Hydrowood provides a palette of possibilities for artisans, architects, and craftspeople to create timeless architectural pieces that echo the beauty of nature.

Your vision, our expertise.

The rare and reclaimed types of timber are available in our product range for bespoke projects.

We encourage you to consult with our experienced team to ensure that your project stands the test of time. To discuss your project, see pricing and receive samples, get in touch with us today! Call 1800 870 452 or request a quote. 

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