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Malvec Thermally Modified Timber.

Malvec is a thermally modified hardwood native to the forests of Central and West Africa. The tree is fast growing, typically reaching around 50m in height. The timber is then sent to Europe to be thermally modified.

Thermally modified timber means it has been heated up to 230 °C in the absence of oxygen. This process introduces chemical changes to the structures of cell wall components (lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose) in the wood to increase its durability. The timber is heated in an environment with low oxygen to prevent burning at high temperatures.
Once thermally modified, the timber absorbs less water, consequently increasing decay resistance while decreasing swelling and shrinking. Thermally modified wood is far more durable than its previous state.

Manufacturing thermally modified timber requires a specially designed computer-controlled kiln oven to ensure every piece of timber is modified to the correct specification and quality. Mortlock Timber imports this already thermally modified timber direct from world class manufacturers using the latest technology in Europe and USA. Mortlock Timber then machines and manufacturers different products using this timber.

Malvec achieves a 1–2 Class durability rating according to EU standards, with a possible service life of over 50 years.

What is Malvec used for?

Malvec is extremely stable and suited to exterior use can be use in a variety applications including:

Due to its light weight it has also been popular for garage doors. Its mid-brown tones with phenomenal physical properties, Malvec is a versatile and high-performance product for any outdoor or indoor timber lining application. It’s particularly popular as a cheaper alternative to Western Red Cedar.

Finishes Available

Mortlock Timber is able to factory apply timber oils prior delivery. The two oil options are Cutek Clear Oil and WOCA Exterior Oil in stained colours

Clear Cutek CD50 is a penetrating oil which is designed for external use and can also be used for internal applications.

WOCA Wood Oil is water dilutable and friendly to the environment. The oil enhances the natural colour and is available in a selection of stained colours including black and walnut.

Malvec Properties

Botanical Name: Triplochiton scleroxylon

Triplochiton scleroxylon is a tree of the genus Triplochiton of the family Malvaceae. The timber is known by the common names African whitewood, abachi, obeche and wawa.

OriginAfrica, Thermally Modified in Europe
SustainabilityOLB Certified. (Origine et Légalité des Bois in French / Timber Origin and Legality)
AvailabilityReadily Available
Density (Dry)350 kg/m3
Tangential ShrinkageLow
FireGroup 3, Not BAL Rated
CommentsInternal and external applications such as cladding, linings, joinery, windows. Excellent for exterior use

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