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Equinox Perth

We kicked off our 2016 promotional events with the AIS Equinox Event in Perth. It was great to connect with Architects and specifiers and present our products. Congratulations to Sarah Knox of Eskay Design for winning our Architecture Studio LEGO® Kit! Our next event will be the Perth Arc Event in May.

AIS Equinox Event in Perth
Mortlock Stall - AIS Equinox Event in Perth
AIS Equinox Event in Perth
AIS Equinox Event in Perth - connect with Architects
AIS Equinox Event in Perth
AIS Equinox Event in Perth - Award


Jerry Hitch

Jerry Hitch

Jerry has been a part of Mortlock timber for over a decade and has been instrumental in helping Architects, Designers and Builders incorporate the beauty of natural timber into their projects across Australia.


    Mortlock Timber

    We are committed to bringing you timber products that add value and endure for years to come, even in heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. We understand the value of efficiency when it comes to installation and keeping hardwood timber costs down. That’s why we’ve spent decades perfecting our designs to make them easier to handle, less wasteful and more efficient to install. This efficiency allows us to offer you premier products that are more cost-effective so that you can experience greater savings on timber wall costs, timber ceiling costs, timber cladding costs and timber decking costs.

    Download our Pricing and Product Guide for our complete hardwood timber price list including timber decking prices, timber wall prices, timber ceiling prices and timber cladding prices.