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American Oak

What is American Oak and American white oak? arent they the same thing?

No! American Oak is also known as American Red Oak – but it’s not red! The name, red oak, comes from the colour of the leaves in autumn.

Which is better?

Performance-wise one is not better than the other, both timber’s properties are virtually identical. The benefit is American (Red) Oak is readily available at a lower price tag.

Does one look different to the other?

American Red Oak and American White oak are virtually identical.

If you look (really) close you may notice slightly brown and yellow tones with a smooth, subtle grain in white oak compared to a pinkish tint with red undertones and a stronger grain pattern in red oak.

The end result of your project will look no different regardless of which one you use.

Which one does Mortlock supply?

When you order American Oak, you will receive American (Red) Oak. In the past, we supplied American White Oak due to lack of supply we switched to American Oak.

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