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Using WOCA Exterior Oil with Natural Timber

If you are looking to enhance your projects that involve natural timber, while maintaining a sustainable design, WOCA Exterior Oil can be the best stain for colour, protection and the environment in one step.

WOCA Exterior Oil is a long-lasting and environmentally friendly wood finish. It is a high-quality coating that keeps the colour of the timber it is applied to.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand this timber coating, we will explore what WOCA Exterior Oil is, how it can play an active role in reducing the environmental impact of present-day projects, its application and the role it plays in maintaining the aesthetic and functional qualities of architectural timber.

Here is what we’ll go over:

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What is WOCA Exterior Oil?

WOCA Exterior Oil is an environmentally responsible, sustainable, non-polluting, durable wood finish. It is a high-quality product which is a plant and water-based oil with no artificial colour pigments or preservatives.  

WOCA is a penetrating oil that protects the timber from within. Made in Denmark, the oil’s philosophy is that wood is a unique material that has a lot of inner properties needed to ensure longevity. This means, external coatings like WOCA oil, only need to strengthen and stimulate those properties. 

As it is a penetrating oil, WOCA Exterior Oil does not produce a film on top of the timber, minimising peeling and flaking off from the coating.

How and where to use WOCA Exterior Oil Coating

The WOCA Exterior Oil coating enhances the timber’s natural beauty and is suitable for interior and exterior use. This coating has a matte finish that is predominately used for colour and black applications.  

Since it’s a water-based coating, the natural oil doesn’t cause yellowing and maintains the timber’s natural or close-to-raw colour. WOCA Exterior oil also offers various stain options like black, walnut, hazelnut, and whitewash.  

WOCA Exterior Oil is also ideal for Shou Sugi Ban charred timber, as the oil binds the char layer together and in fact, virtually eliminating any char rub off after a second coat and a rainfall.

How to apply and maintain WOCA Exterior Oil coating

WOCA Exterior Oil presents an excellent choice for low-maintenance applications. If you apply it to internal installations, little to no maintenance is needed.

The first coat of WOCA Exterior Oil is completed inside our factory before the product is delivered to site. A second coat of WOCA Exterior Oil, in the same colour it was pre-coated in, should be applied four weeks after installation.

This applies to external applications as well and maintenance depends on the surface’s exposure and wear. We recommend an inspection every six months for early signs of weather and apply a maintenance coat accordingly.

The time frame to recoat typically ranges between 12 to 36 months, depending on the project. Further coats and maintenance will vary depending on the wood species, the location, design and the degree of exposure to the elements. As a guide, the third and ongoing maintenance coats should be applied every one to two years.

For further information, contact our team of project consultants. 

If you are cutting timber boards with WOCA to a required length on-site, it is recommended to use a brush or similar tool to evenly apply and seal WOCA Outdoor Primer on the end grain. This prevents water from entering and safeguards the timber against occasional mould growth.

How to apply and maintain WOCA Exterior Oil coating for a Shou Sugi Ban finish

Maintaining Shou Sugi Ban Charred External Timber with WOCA Exterior Oil

This first coat of WOCA Exterior Oil completed inside our factory before the product is delivered to site. This will provide the timber with its first layer of protection.

A second coat of WOCA Exterior Oil is recommended after installation of the timber product.

For WOCA Exterior oil, this two-coat application can last up to two years, before it needs to be evaluated based on the project’s variables.

Trendplank with Shou Sugi Ban finish, factory-coated with WOCA Black Exterior Oil

These variables include exposure to the elements, location, elevation and where on the project the timber has been installed. Once the timber cladding has been out in the weather for two to three months, the weather will wash the loose particles off the timber cladding and the charred, black rub-off eventually goes away. 

Maintaining internally installed Shou Sugi Ban charred timber with WOCA Exterior Oil

This first coat of WOCA Exterior Oil completed inside our factory before the product is delivered to site. This will provide the timber with its first layer of protection.

This coating binds the char layers together and eliminates the rub-off on internal projects. Once installed a second coat is recommended to completely seal the cladding from rub-off, with some monitoring over the next two years. 

Benefits of WOCA Exterior Oil

Enhances the natural beauty of the timber

When applied to outdoor wood surfaces, this specialised oil works its magic by deeply penetrating the wood fibres, enriching the colour and texture of the timber. The oil enhances the wood’s inherent grain and character, bringing out its unique patterns and natural allure. Whether it’s the warm tones of cedar, the rich hues of mahogany, or the elegant simplicity of oak, WOCA Exterior Oil accentuates and intensifies the wood’s natural colour, creating a visually stunning and inviting surface.

Environmentally friendly

One of its key selling points about this coating is its eco-friendly formulation, making it a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for wood protection. This timber finish is typically crafted with biodegradable and renewable ingredients, reducing its impact on the environment during production and application.

It is also free from harmful substances such as solvents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and toxic chemicals, ensuring a healthier and safer outdoor environment for both users and the ecosystem. Furthermore, its water-based nature minimizes pollution and allows for easier cleanup without posing a threat to water bodies or surrounding wildlife. By choosing WOCA Exterior Oil, applicators and designers are contributing to a greener future while still enjoying the utmost protection and enhancement for their projects.

Easy Maintenance

Once applied to outdoor timber surfaces, this exceptional wood finish requires minimal effort to maintain its lustrous appearance and protective properties. Regular cleaning with a mild soap solution or a specialized wood cleaner is usually all that’s needed to keep the surface looking pristine.

The oil’s durable and water-repellent qualities also mean that it can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor elements without the need for constant reapplication.

Depending on the level of exposure to weather and foot traffic, periodic reapplication might be necessary, but the process is straightforward and can be done with minimal time and effort.

This ease of maintenance allows homeowners and property managers to focus on enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than worrying about laborious wood upkeep, making WOCA Exterior Oil an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet high-quality solution for preserving and beautifying their natural timber.

Projects with WOCA Black Exterior Oil

Komeyui in Melbourne takes the principles of Japanese cuisine and respectfully pushes its boundaries to create art. Shou Sugi Ban Timber cladding which originated from Japan was a natural choice for this project.

Shou Sugi Ban Burnt Ash Cladding was featured throughout the interior of the restaurant giving it a bold appearance and feel. As it was an internal application, we used WOCA Exterior Black Oil to preserve the integrity of the timber and prevent any charcoal rubbing off the surface. See more photos of the Komeyui project here.

KOMEYUI Japanese Restaurant Melbourne Used Shou Sugi Ban Timber Cladding Interior Walls

The Kuroi Yoroi residential design project showcases an exceptional home crafted for seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining, featuring an awe-inspiring pond as its centerpiece that captivates attention and adds a remarkable wow factor. The use of Shou Sugi Ban charred timber in this architectural masterpiece elevates it to the epitome of luxury living.

Kuroi Yoroi – Photography by Andy Macpherson

The Bondi House project designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects and built by Venari Projects, received the winner award in the Residential Alterations and Additions category at the 2023 Excellence in Housing Awards by the Master Builders Association NSW.

To achieve the architect’s vision, WOCA Exterior Oil was applied en masse to the timber cladding, resulting in an understated and discrete composition of black boxes. The click-in battens are also used on the exterior of the home along with our Trendplank 120x18mm fine-sawn, vacoa cladding which are end-matched and factory coated in WOCA black coating.

Paperbark Bondi House – Photography by Pablo Veiga


At Mortlock Timber we understand that projects don’t stop at its completion date. While the longevity of structural elements are crucial for projects which are designed to stand the test of time, architectural elements such as our timber products are just as important. 

While the timber features are showcased on day one, ensure the protection of the timber and showcase its natural beauty for many years to come. WOCA Exterior Oil can unlock the aesthetic you want for your design project. 

Finding the perfect timber coating for your project involves striking a balance between functionality and visual appeal. We encourage you to consult with our experienced team to ensure that your project stands the test of time.

To discuss your project, see pricing and receive samples, get in touch with us today! Call 1800 870 452 or request a quote.

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