Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials because it is been derived from renewable sources and has low embodied energy. As highlighted by Forest Learning ( “This reflects the minimal non-renewable energy used in the production of timber and its application in construction. It also has sound thermal properties, meaning that timber structures rely less on carbon-emitting heating and cooling appliances than buildings constructed of other materials.”

The energy to produce aluminium is approximately 435 MJ/kg where as rough sawn timber is highly efficient at 1.5 MJ/kg. So selecting wood over energy-intensive building products such as steel, concrete and brick can have a substantial impact on carbon emissions. Research carried out by Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) found that up to 25 tonnes of carbon per Australian home could be saved by choosing wood where possible.

Wood is also durable, since many products, particularly hardwoods, have a service life of greater than 50 years and often require little energy in maintenance. It can also be recycled and is highly energy efficient; insulating 15 times better than concrete, 400 times better than steel and over 1000 times better than aluminium.

Here in WA 1.44 million hectares is protected with 800,000ha regrowth forest available for harvest. However, according to FPC (Forest Products Commission) less than 0.5% is harvested each year. The annual target sustainable yield of jarrah logs for is 665,000m3 however in 09/10 FY approximately 200,000m3 was actually harvested, other parts of the world are presenting similar statistics. European forests are the most intensely managed in the world; the forest cover in this area is increasing by 660000 hectares every single year and in North America the volume of hardwood growing stock has more than doubled from 1953 – 2007 and has a forecasted 15-20% increase by 2030. The equation is simple sustainability of timber is not about harvesting trees, it’s re-generation, and you can see from the stats that re-generation of our forests far outweighs the harvest yield. Around the world government bodies and groups have been set up to sustainably manage our forests with a view to preserve the environment for future generations.

Mortlock Timber Group guarantees that all its products are sourced and harvested from fully  sustainably managed forests from around the world and are felled within the national and federal laws of the country of origin. All our timber is certified in accord with the country of origin certification organisation.