External Timber Maintenance

  • Cleaning should be performed regularly to minimize the build-up of dust and grit. This can be done simply by mopping with water or hosing down. Using a cleaning chemical can sometimes strip the top layer of oil off the deck, and whilst this may be necessary to remove stains it is not recommended to use this more than every 2-3 years. If a cleaning chemical has been used a top coat of timber oil should be applied immediately after the timber is totally dry.
  • Timber is like a sponge which absorbs water to equalise its moisture content according to the ambient condition’s which it is exposed to. The frequency of oil application depends on the elements and the climate in your area such as rainfall level, sun exposure and humidity. Timber that is in full exposure to the sun could need coating every 1-3 years depending on the timber species, timber under full cover may last 5-6 years before re-coating is needed.
  • Inspection should be performed at least once every 6 months for early signs of drying and splitting. These should be treated sooner rather than later.
  • The timber should be completely clean and dry before applying any oil. Apply the timber oil with two thin even coats along the direction of the boards, using a brush, paint pad, fabric mop or lamb’s wool applicator.