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Pacific Teak is an extremely popular timber for exterior use. It is very stable and durable timber meaning it can be left to weather with minimal maintenance.


Pacific Teak is exceptionally stable timber which makes it great for exterior cladding and decking. Because of its stability it makes a great product for a weathered look, Pacific Teak will naturally weather to a silver colour without cupping or warping.

Naturally weathered TRENDPLANK Pacific Teak Timber Cladding

Pacific Teak is available in the following products:


Pale yellowish to creamy grey appearance. Texture is fine and lustrous with an even grain. When freshly cut the timber has a leathery odour and is greasy to touch. Pacific Teak has a high tannin content, issues with tannin leaching can easily avoided by careful planning, further information in link below.

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Colour Variation

Available Finishes

Notes: As timber is a natural product images above may not fully reflect the true colour and natural variation of the timber, we recommend you view samples and discuss the options before making your final decision.

Enviro Clear is a water-based product for interior use only. It is a film forming, non-yellowing coating which is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.


OriginA native of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
AvailabilityReadily Available
DurabilityClass 2
JankaJanka 5.6
Density (Dry)750 kg/m3
Unit MovementDimensional approx.  2 – 4%
Lyctid SusceptibilityResistant
Termite ResistanceResistant
FireSatisfies BCA C1.10a Group 3, BAL 12.5 & 19
Modulus of Elasticity (Dry)Dry 14 (GPA)
WorkabilityExcellent, highly stable dimensionally
Pacific Teak Timber Data Table