Design for Durability & Low Maintenence

Because of the maintenance associated with timber it’s often not considered for commercial buildings, however there are a number of ways it can be included in commercial applications where little or no maintenance is required.

Weathered Timber.

Weathered Timber when correctly detailed, will weather beautifully with its appearance varying dependent on the quantity of moisture on the surface. Maintaining weathered finishes requires minimal time and expense. It is important to note that weathering is a normal and healthy process in timber and should not be confused with the fungal decay which can sometimes be observed in timber cladding which has been incorrectly installed.

Some examples where weathered timber is used:

  • Boardwalks
  • External Timber Cladding
  • Timber Screening
  • Timber Decking


Timber in low exposure areas.

Using timber in visually-striking areas that are sheltered from exposure such as eaves and soffits are excellent examples of timber applied in an exterior application that will maximise aesthetics and minimise maintenance whilst . Timber sheltered from exposure requires no maintenance as its exposure to the elements that affects the maintenance regime require. Some areas and timber profiles that can be used are:

  • Satinplank Timber Lining – Often used for eaves, alfresco, feature walls and soffit lining.
  • Ultraplank Timber Flooring - Flooring can be used for walls and ceilings to.
  • Trendplank Timber Cladding - Used internally and externally.
  • Timber Batten - Often used for timber screening, ceiling lining battens

Mortlock Timber offers free design consultation, we advise to contact one of Mortlock Timbers consultants to discuss the details and the selection of material before specification.


Timber Flooring


Weathered Timber Cladding

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Satinplank Soffit Lining


Timber Ceiling Battens & Internal Timber Cladding


Weathered Timber Decking



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