Broadwater Residence

This beach side residence was designed and realized by Rusty Nail Designs. Rusty Nails Designs is a company that believes in the importance of keeping quality and sound construction paramount compared to speed of construction. Rusty Nail Designs designs and builds family holiday homes, beach bungalow and high end luxury homes. The client chose spotted gum because of its excellent fire properties and durability.

Here's what Rusty Nail Designs says:

"My Design and Building Company, Rusty Nail Designs and RND Homes, incorporate Mortlock Timbers high quality timber products in our design and construction projects. We have used them in both high end and middle level projects with great success creating some stunning projects for our clients. Their communication, efficiency and product knowledge are second to none ensuring satisfaction from the Builder, Tradesmen to the Client."

Products Used:

135x22 Spotted Gum Classicplank Timber Decking
130x14 T&G Spotted Gum Ultraplank Timber Flooring

8 Harvest-14 8 Harvest-6 8 Harvest-10 8 Harvest-7


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