Timber decking transforms and connects spaces to nature.

Natural timber ceilings effortlessly combine aesthetics and environmental benefits to create spaces of optimal look, feel and function.

The Screenpanel system provides the more options than ever including different angled battens, continuous battens and mixed spacing & sequences.

Multi-Depth Trendplank cladding allows design flexibility and functionality

External timber cladding offers design flexibility that common alternatives just can't match.

5 Reasons to use Mortlock Timber

5 reasons to use Mortlock Timber

1. Extensive Range of Architectural Timber Decking, Cladding & Ceiling Systems

  • Mortlock has developed proprietary branded timber systems for decking (protected, UV-exposed and marine), as well as wall and ceiling lining for both interior and exterior applications.
  • We have an extensive range of local and international timbers in stock, chosen for their demand, aesthetics and durability.
  • We use the latest, cutting-edge machinery, combined with a large variety of tooling (built up over 5000 jobs) to provide a wide range of timber profile options.
  • Mortlock can custom manufacture timber products with different sequences, patterns, finishes and sizes to meet your unique vision.

2. High Quality, Durable Timber Products with Low Maintenance Options

  • Mortlock timbers species are tried and proven in the Australian Climate & minimally affected by atmospheric conditions.
  • Mortlock has full quality control over the entire manufacturing process as we source the timber, dry it ourselves, cut and profile, grade, pack and distribute it to site.
  • Our combination of timber profile designs and fixing systems is proven in market by Australia’s leading architects and builders.
  • Our timbers are primarily Durability Class 1 and 2 and in raw form, have a life expectancy of up to and beyond 40 years, even more with our pre-oiling.

3. Competitive Pricing with Superior Value & Longevity

  • As a high volume, specialist timber supplier, our bulk buying of niche timbers ensures lower cost to us and better pricing for you.
  • Mortlock is a major supplier to carpentry contractors, high end residential and large commercial builders, proving our pricing is both highly competitive and great ongoing value.
  • Our products include added benefits such as consistent quality finishes, pre-oiling and end-matching, ensuring less labour installation costs, time delays and/or wastage.

4. Superior Design, Style & Aesthetics

  • Mortlock timber products and systems have been chosen for hundreds of iconic commercial and public landmark projects.
  • Our timber products are specified by over 140 leading architects throughout Australia.
  • With high quality, consistent timbers and concealed fixing systems, our products are regularly featured in award winning, high-end residential dwellings.

5. Expert Advice, Clear Communication & Ongoing Support from Our Local WA/Australian Team

  • Mortlock consultants come from a family of 3 generations in the building and timber industry, with our business built on integrity, honesty and accountability.
  • We know how timber performs in different applications, which helps us to advise you of the right solution for your project.
  • Our personal service focus means we follow the project right through from design, into construction and through to completion.
  • With our Australian manufacturing base, you have direct access and ongoing support from our local team of timber specialists.